Tenant Credit Scorecard

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The Tenant Credit Scorecard provides a PASS / FAIL OR CONDITIONAL recommendation summary of the credit report that is ordered on the applicant.
Once the credit report is ordered, it is scanned and reformatted into an easy to read, summarized report, that shows several categories that can be turned on or off for deciphering.

Simply set up your customized criteria by clicking the link below and answering the questions on the scorecard PDF.

View/Download Tenant Scorecard Criteria

Once you have entered your applicant’s data into the scorecard, find out if they have passed, failed, or require a conditional agreement by comparing the data the ratios linked below.

View/Download Tenant Scorecard Ratios

Our clients customize these ratios to their particular preferences and thresholds.
Best of all, there is NO SENSITIVE DATA shown that can put your applicant’s identity in jeopardy.
All Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth are redacted for security purposes.
Categories available to be shown include:

  • Delinquent Accounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Collections and Charge Off’s
  • FICO Credit Score
  • Income to Debt Ratio
  • Income to Rent Ratio
  • Income to Debt and Rent Ratio
  • Ability to include or exclude Student Loan and Medical Collections

Best of all, the Tenant Credit Score Card is FREE with the purchase of the credit report.

*The purchase of a credit report is required to obtain a credit score card
** One credit bureau works best with Tenant Score Card

What Makes Credit Scorecards Worth It?

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