A Social Security Number Verification will help determine that your applicant is who they say they are, where they have lived, contact information, and identify potential fraud.

What Comes in a Social Security Number Verification?

  • Address – all addresses associated with the Social Security Number, current and former.
  • Phone Number associated with that address
  • Dates of Residence – To and from dates in which SSN# has been associated with that property
  • Date of when the Social Security Number was issued
  • First, Middle and Last Name of Social Security Number Holder
  • Date of Birth (if it is reported)
  • All names that may have used the Social Security Number in the past, even accidentally
  • State of issue
  • Valid / InValid
  • Checks against Death Master Index

How Can an SSN Verification Help Protect Your Property?

  • Reduce false positives or affirm hits on eviction reports and criminal background checks.
  • Examine if the Social Security Number is affiliated with any fraudulent activities, i.e. multiple names assigned to the social security number.
  • Determine that the individual is who they say they are.
  • See an applicant’s address history to see time frames of their length of stay.