Previous Landlord Verifications are a manually verified process in which our team will call the stated landlord at a minimum of once per day up to 5 days to establish contact.

Our staff will do the follow-up calls and emails to ensure the Verification information is returned in a timely manner.  Our efforts can include verifying ownership of the property.  We will update you and keep you informed throughout the entire process. All applicants will be individually researched and thoroughly vetted.

We have standard questions that we ask, or you can add your own for no extra cost.

Most Common questions:

  • Is the above person(s) a responsible party on the lease?
  • Are there additional, authorized occupants on the lease?
  • Are there any problems or complaints on file?
  • Are there any pets? [Yes/No] (If yes, what type?)
  • Is there any property damage? [Yes/No] (If yes, please explain.)
  • Would resident be eligible to re-rent? [Yes/No] (If no, please give a reason.)
  • Length of Stay:
  • Landlord Name:
  • What was the move in move our date?
  • What was the rent amount per month?
  • Was there proper notice to vacate?
  • Was there an eviction of this tenant?
  • Are you related to the applicant?
  • Has the applicant made payment on time?
  • Has the applicant ever been late on a payment?
  • Any NSF Checks?