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About TenantReports.com

TenantReports.com operates with a single goal in mind: To provide our clients with the most up-to-date resources in tenants screening backed by the industry’s best customer service.
For over twenty years we have been providing cost effective tenant screening solutions and expert client support. This commitment to top customer service has allowed us to be an industry leader among tenant screening and pre-employment screening providers.
This means that you not only get the most accurate tenant credit reports, criminal record checks and other tenant screening reports, we also help walk you through the information and are available to answer any questions you may have on all of our tenant reports.
That is why every time you call us, a live friendly service professional will answer the phone and will begin processing your tenant report request immediately. We value your time and always strive to exceed your expectations.

Tenant screening solutions with the most accurate tenant reports, fastest results, supported by the best customer services in the industry at the lowest cost to our clients; that is our mission.

What Makes Us Great


ReputationWe have been Tenant Screening and processing Tenant Credit reports since 1992, serving over 80,000 client subscribers and processing over 1.8 million reports.
ServiceTenantReports.com will pick up the phone with no voice-mail during business hours and friendly experts who help you interpret report data.
FastTenant Reports are generated instantly online and are accessible 24/7/365
StrengthOver the years we have strongly positioned ourselves as one of the largest providers in the tenant screening industry
SecurityTenantReports.com uses a proprietary online ordering system secured by Cybertrust, strictly adhering to all of the Credit Bureau Guidelines for web ordering of consumer credit information and tenant screening
PrivacyTenantReports.com will never collect and resell or share your personal information.


Switch to TenantReports.com and Save!

Save 20% on Tenant Screening Costs


Since 1992 our Tenant Screening Service has been saving industry professionals $1000’s of dollars a year in report costs and labor costs.


Let us review a copy of your current tenant screening provider invoice and we will do an apples to apples comparison of your current cost and products.


Aside from a minimal savings of 20% off the cost per screening, we may be able to include more screening products at this reduced cost giving you the ability to perform a more comprehensive screening on your applicant, while still saving money.

Keep In Mind, With TenantReports.com:

  • NO Annual Fees
  • NO Membership Fees
  • NO Monthly Minimums
  • NO Click Charges
  • NO Interface Fees
  • NO Hidden Costs
  • NO Contractual terms or obligations
  • NO Voicemail, you will get a LIVE person each and every time you call*
  • Prices are guaranteed for 2 years to protect against increases
    *Live, free customer service available

  • Monday – Friday 9am to 9pm est
  • Saturdays 11am-5pm est


The Fastest and Easiest Tenant Screening on the Web

Our state of the art, secure web based screening system gives your staff the ability to order reports in multiple ways, each with the ability to charge the applicant direct so that you can say goodbye to invoices! Choose from:


  • Fax in Fax out ( 1 hour turnaround time)
  • Online – Instant Results
  • Email to applicant for completion and collect electronic signature
  • Click to Apply button on your website to keep your applicants on your page

Use any or all 4 of these options at no additional costs.
Give our family owned and operated business the opportunity to earn your business and see how we stack up against your current provider.
Send us your invoice- start saving today. Questions? Call 855-244-2400

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