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About TenantReports.com

Since 1992 TenantReports.com has been providing screening reports to prospective landlords and property managers while remaining family owned and operated since its inception.

TenantReports.com operates with a single goal in mind: To provide our clients with the most up-to-date resources in tenant screening, backed by the industry’s best customer service.

For over twenty-five years we have been providing cost effective tenant screening solutions and expert client support. This commitment to top customer service, has allowed us to be an industry leader among tenant screening providers.
We can’t stress customer service enough.  We understand your property is your investment and source of income.  We strive to return the most accurate records available, that is why we will walk you through the information returned line by line so that you fully understand what you are reading so that you can make an informed decision.
Every time you call TenantReports.com, a LIVE, friendly, customer service professional will answer the phone and will begin processing your request immediately. We value your time and always strive to exceed your expectations.

Keep In Mind, With TenantReports.com

Tenants Screening Partners

TenantReports.com partners with a wide range of vendors, data providers, property management systems, associations, and affiliates in order to bring you the highest quality tenant screening service on the web.

Preferred Partners

TenantReports.com is an active member of local, regional and national professional associations. We exhibit at trade shows across the US and have provided free tenant screening education presentations to association members regularly. TenantReports.com also has ties to many associations through our affiliate program and we are proud these associations have endorsed our services.

Property Management Systems

TenantReports.com integrates with the most popular Property Management Software solutions. We can seamlessly interface with your existing Property Management Software to help you save on costs without changing your current system.
If your software is not listed, please call as at 855-244-2400 to see if we can work with your current property management software.

Tenant Screening Data Providers

TenantReports.com partners with the screening industry’s top software and database companies. Our Tenant Screening XML gateway (API) provides simple integration for technology partners that provide the freshest data possible to our clients. Simply put- our technology and partnerships deliver the most effective tenant screening solutions to our clients.

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