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We make paying your charges hassle free! Simply fill out this form and the credit card of your choice will be on file so it’s always ready when you are. Each transaction will be recorded as a debit on your credit card/bank statement. Your detailed invoice will inform you of the debited amount, date of transaction and related charges.

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  • I (we), the undersigned, authorize and request TenantReports.com to do the following actions per the payment method I (we) have chosen: A) Initiate electronic debit entries or use any other commercially accepted practice to charge my (our) account indicated below in the BANK named below and I (we) authorize and request BANK to honor the debit entries initiated by TenantReports.com and debit these charges to that account. OR B) Charge my Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover card, which is indicated above, for my TenantReports.com payment. This authorization relates to all payments required on my (our) TenantReports.com account and the related membership agreement. It also covers changes in amounts and payments due because of additional agreements between me (us) and TenantReports.com that relate to the membership agreement. This authorization will remain in effect until all amounts owed are paid in full, or until I (we) cancel this authorization. To cancel, I (we) must notify TenantReports.com in writing far enough in advance to give TenantReports.com reasonable opportunity to act. I (we) understand it my (our) responsibility to notify TenantReports.com to cancel the payment information on file should I wish to terminate this payment option.
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