County Criminal Searches

A county search is conducted at the county seat; however, additional courts within the county may also be searched.

Searches will show felony or misdemeanor filings as maintained within each court. Included will be any charges filed, charge level, disposition date, final disposition, sentencing information, and any verifiers listed on file. The standard criminal search encompasses the last seven years of activity or otherwise as permitted by law. We also offer expanded year searches.

Tenant credit reports give you the ability to evaluate a tenant’s creditworthiness through their credit score and credit history. All tenant credit reports from TenantReports.com include the applicant’s credit score from the credit bureau(s) as well as delinquencies, collections, judgments, and bankruptcies. The Tenant Credit Score Card, free with each credit report, also includes a risk assessment module providing a “pass/fail or conditional” rating based on credit and income parameters you establish.

County Civil Searches

TenantReports.com provides county upper and lower court civil suits and judgments, family law, and restraining order index searches. A county civil search is matched by name only and includes plaintiff and defendant, date filed, type of action, and current status or disposition.

The standard civil index search encompasses the last seven years of activity within each court. We also offer expanded year civil index searches.

*Please note that in some counties, civil courts are consolidated on the upper court index; therefore, a civil upper court search order is equivalent to a countywide civil index search.

We manage a network of hundreds of court research professionals – so you don’t have to.

TenantReports.com vendors specialize in on-site county-level criminal and civil record information, delivering accurate, timely reports to our customers. Please note* county turnaround times varies per county searched.

Because information storage formats, verification procedures, archived records, and court restrictions influence performance by county, we continually seek new ways to source information and deliver products to you in the best possible manner.

Our ability to provide quality and timely information from anywhere in the country calls for us to access over 3,100 counties, coast to coast.

We keep pace with changing technology and provide clients with the most convenient and efficient method of information communication

*Fees are subject to change without notice.

**The correct fee is always displayed at checkout during the ordering process