What is QuickApp?

QuickApp allows you to send your applicant an email which includes,

  • A secure link for the applicant to click on,
  • An electronic authorization form, which logs their IP address and uses other security tools to verify the information entered is indeed your applicant.
  • The applicant inputs their own personal information, pays for the report, with the results and the authorization being sent back to you!


  • Eliminate the need to carry an authorization form to get signed by your applicant.
  • Applicants are charged for the report at the time of the request, paying with their own credit card.
  • Your office will no longer receive an invoice.
  • Collect the applicants stated Monthly Income and Desired Rent Amount for automated financial decisioning
  • You will no longer collect or store their Social Security Number, Date of Birth or Payment information.
  • TenantReports.com will store the applicant’s authorization for you as required by the FCRA.
  • Only you, the decision maker, receives a completed copy of the report.

View/Download the QuickApp Brochure! See How It Works. 

Additional Details

Our account holder logs into their account and selects the reports to be ordered on the applicant.

An e-mail will then be sent to your applicant(s) for them to fill out their personal information; Name, SSN#, Date of Birth, and current/previous address information. This also includes an electronic signature that they will agree to, and we will keep on record for the length of time required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Once your applicant receives the e-mail with the application link, the status will be “Applicant Pending” under the “Order” tab. After they complete the electronic authorization, an e-mail notification will be sent to you stating their information has been submitted and can be found under “Completed Reports”

Our account holder (the requestor) will then log in to our system and view the results of the screening.

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