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Whether you have a single property or hundreds, we have a report that will fit your specific needs and budget. Choose below which plan fits your needs the best

Express Account

Recommended for:

  • I Request less than 4 Screenings per year
  • I am a Landlord with less than 5 properties
  • I manage a property and I do not wish to view or retain sensitive data
  • I am a Tenant Applying for Tenancy
  • I want to be able to order a screening every so often and I am okay with just getting an Experian Credit Report with VANTAGE Score, Multi State Criminal and Eviction Search only.

*This is a Experian Credit Report with VANTAGE Score, Multi State Criminal and Multi State Eviction Search ONLY.
This system uses Knowledge Based Authentication and does not require additional account documentation or credentialing for access.

This is soft pull that will not impact the applicants credit score.

Traditional Account Holder

Recommended for:

  • I order 5 or more Screenings per year
  • I would like to see if my volume qualifies for discounted pricing
  • I request several Screenings per year and want the ability to go back and view my previous screenings that are archived up to 2 years.
  • I would like access ALL 3 Credit Bureaus
  • I would like to choose either a FICO or VANTAGE score at time of account setup
  • I need access to your FULL Suite of Products and Services
  • I want the ability to order a-la-carte products for a specific property
  • I want to place the orders myself because I have an application in hand.
  • I want to upload my lease applications and store them on site
  • I would like to see an automated scorecard with PASS / FAIL and Conditional ratings set to my liking
  • I would like to Fax in requests and receive the results by Fax

*Discounts available based upon volume.
*This account will provide access to our FULL SUITE of products from all 3 Credit Bureaus.
We will require additional identity verification for account registration, including a copy of Drivers License, Business or REALTORS license, Telephone Bill.
*Tenant Scorecard comes FREE with each Credit Report Order
*On-Site Inspection is required to view a Detailed Credit Report

Still not sure which option is right for you? Please call one of our Sales Professionals

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