An On-Site inspection is a required office inspection completed by a bureau approved licensed inspector for businesses and landlords receiving detailed credit reports. This on-site inspection verifies that you are in compliance with the FCRA guidelines and have the necessary security and safeguard measures in place to protect consumer credit data.

What does an on-site inspection check for?

A third party representative from the 3 National Credit Bureaus physically comes to your location to verify the following:
  • There is a brick and mortar location, i.e. physical office location, not a virtual office
  • This is a permissible purpose business application that credit reports can be used for (tenant screening)
  • A locking filing cabinet is on location to properly store all applications, credit reports, and any other sensitive information
  • A shredder is on location to properly destroy any credit report information that may have been printed out
  • The computer that is used to order credit reports is password protected
  • Verify the building is secure with locking doors and that office location is not in a shared space
  • They will take pictures of the location and any marketing material that used to make sure that it coincides with your permissible purpose

On-Site Inspection Costs

For Businesses in a commercial location, there is a ONE time $60 On-Site Inspection Fee

For Residential Users, the credit bureaus require an On-Site Inspection to be completed on an annual basis. The fee is $60 for the first year and charged accordingly in the upcoming years.

An On-Site Inspection will be scheduled within 48 hours when your application is received.

The On-Site will be scheduled at a convenient time for you and the inspector and takes less than 30 Minutes to be performed.

On-site Inspection Authorization

View/download the paper application.

Please note that effective since November 1, 2005, the credit repositories have required that all companies accessing consumer credit must have an on-site facility inspection by a repository approved vendor.

The fee for this service is $60 and it is required that this fee be paid at the time the inspection is requested.

Once the fee is received, TenantReports.com LLC  will inform the onsite inspection company to contact you to schedule an on-site inspection of your office. The inspection will require pictures of your office as well as a questionnaire that the inspector must have completed. Please be sure to keep your scheduled appointment. If the inspector cannot complete the inspection because you are not present and they have to come out a second time, an additional $60.00 must be charged.

The inspector will verify: a locking filing cabinet and paper shredder are present to properly store and destroy credit reports printed / Computers ordering credit reports are password protected / the building is secure with locking doors / the office is NOT a shared space. The inspector will take pictures of the above items.

Please Note: IF YOUR COMPANY MOVES TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION it is required by the credit bureaus to provide us a copy of your updated license and lease agreement showing the updated information for the company name and/or address changes. As mandated by the repositories, each time you move your business to a different location, an onsite inspection is required.

You are required to notify our office if your company changes location. The onsite inspection fee for existing customers who have changed their business location is $60. As required by the repositories, existing customers who have relocated to a residential home office must be inspected annually. The annual inspection cost for a residential location is $60.


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