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Tenant Credit Report

Tenant Credit Report data is an effective starting point when Screening tenant application. Credit Reports are available instantly online through TenantReports.com with access to all three major credit bureaus, (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax)

*An Onsite inspection is required in order to obtain credit reports


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With TenantReports.com you can purchase individual credit reports or bundle it with other reports to save!

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What is include in a Detailed Credit Report

Credit Score

The credit score will vary from 350 to 850. Poor credit is below 600.

Summary of Credit

A dashboard showing the number of revolving accounts that are open, account status, balances and number of judgments, delinquencies, charge-offs and collection accounts

Payment History

Include payment patterns such as number of past due payments including days outstanding in increments of 30 days

Public Record Search

Liens, judgments and bankruptcies from the last seven to ten years.

Social Security Number Confirmation

SSN# matched with bureau information filed as well as any residential or available employment information.

Collections and Charge Off Details

Credit Reports Have Never Been Easier

TenantReports.com has helped real estate owners and managers all over the country safely and efficiently rent their units to reliable tenants using affordable and quick Tenant Credit Reports.

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