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Tenant Criminal Background Check

Criminal Records are an important part of tenant screening, revealing potential pitfalls concerning financial loss or even bodily harm. Criminal background checks are sourced from hundreds of databases to provide the freshest information. Protect yourself, your property and other tenants/neighbors with a thorough understanding of your applicant’s criminal history and sexual offenses.


*The state of Massachusetts currently only reports criminal records from 2012 and newer to their own iCORI database.


Searches that are performed by TenantReports.com in Massachusetts, will include records prior to 2012 with a current 50 state sex-offender search. Please click here to be redirected to iCORI.


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What is included in a Tenant Criminal Background Check

  • State’s records repositories for felony & misdemeanors going back up to 10 years
  • Predator Watch List
  • OFAC List
  • Terrorist Watch List
  • FBI Most Wanted Database
  • ATF Database
  • Customs Database
  • US Marshals Database
  • US Secret Service Database
  • America’s Most Wanted database
  • 50 state sex offender database search
  • Driving Record Offenses (not all states report)

*We strongly recommend ordering a Social Security Number Search when ordering this product. A Social Security Number Search will return all previous addresses associated with this individual, all names associated with Social Security Number, and this will help eliminate any false positives returned that may share a similar first and last name as your applicant.

Tenant Criminal Background Checks Have Never Been Easier

TenantReports.com has helped thousands of real estate owners, landlords and property managers all over the country safely and efficiently rent their units to reliable tenants screened by a thorough background check.


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