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Social Security Number Verification

A Social Security Number Verification will help determine that your applicant is who they say they are, where they have lived, contact information, and identify potential fraud. These reports are also critical in confirming hits on eviction history reports and criminal records.


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A Few Extra Dollars Can Save You Thousands

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A SSN is a unique number assigned by the United States to its citizens as an identifier. With the increase in personal identity theft and fraud, it’s important to verify your applicant to ensure the security of your rental.

What Comes in a Social Security Number Verification

  • Address – all addresses associated with the Social Security Number, current and former.
  • Phone Number associated with that address
  • Dates of Residence – To and from dates in which SSN# has been associated with that property
  • Date of when the Social Security Number was issued
  • First, Middle and Last Name of Social Security Number Holder
  • Date of Birth (if it is reported)

How Can a SSN Verification Help Protect Your Property

  • Eliminate false positives or affirm hits on eviction reports and criminal background checks.
  • Examine if the Social Security Number is affiliated with any fraudulent activities, i.e. multiple names assigned to the social security number.
  • Determine that the individual is who they say they are.
  • See an applicants address history to see if they honor lease agreements or if they move often.

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TenantReports.com offers social security number verification checks to allow landlords and property management professionals the ability to authenticate the identify of their applicants.


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