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Tenant Background Check

Renting to the right person who is responsible, mature, and reliable is essential to maintaining the integrity of your real estate property. With TenantReports.com you can run a thorough background check on your tenant or applicant to ensure you choose someone of high moral fiber.

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Know the kind of person you are renting to.

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Avoid costly evictions with risky tenants.

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Rent to the right person.

Benefits to Screening Tenants with a Tenant Background Check

TenantReports.com Tenant Background checks are thorough, quick, and easy. When you order a tenant background check you can have peace of mind knowing the character and history of your applicant.


  • Check statewide or nationally
  • Identify if they are listed on a watchlist
  • View felony and misdemeanors
  • Verify their social security number

Background Checks are an Important Part of Renting

TenatReports.com is my go-to when looking to run credit checks on new tenants. Their process is easy and fast and their customer support is top notch
Franks S., Landlord
I run a credit check each time we are considering a tenant. Besides knowing that you are choosing someone responsible, their credit history will show you if they can make the payments.
Cindy H., Realtor

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