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Tenant Screening Forms

Although it’s highly recommended that you contact an attorney to learn what specific forms you should use for your real estate rental needs and which are applicable to your state or situation, TenantReports.com offers some of the basic and most used forms for free!

Free Tenant Screening Forms

Tenant Screening or Background Check Authorization Form Download Form

Complete with a signature release to receive a background check or perform tenant screening and satisfies all of the necessary requirements to run a full tenant check on the applicant.

Employment Verification Release Form Download Form

This form allows you to check the applicants previous employment history and references as well as screen potential employees.

Tenant Move-In/Move-Out Form Download Form

This form is a checklist for a rental property quality check including flooring, fixtures, and wall inspection so that the tenant can attest to the previous and end condition of the property.

Notice to Pay Rent or Quit Download Form

This form allows you to legally notify the tenant that rent payments are overdue and if they are not paid promptly, eviction proceedings will begin within set number of days. This notice is usually given as a three or five day notice.

Tenant Notice to Vacate Letter Download Form

This letter is filled out by the Tenant and legally informs the landlord that they will be vacating the property.

4506-T IRS Tax Return Income Verification Form Download Form

This form allows you to verify the tax return of your tenant.

Tenant Score Card Ratio Cheat Sheet Download Form

Learn how to easily interpret and read the Tenant Score Card Ratio.

Bank Verification Form Download Form

Verify that your tenant has given you the correct bank account information and check their rating.

Tenant Application Form Download Form

Download a Tenant application form with verification releases.

Rental Reference Verification Form Download Form

Download our TenantReports.com rental reference verification form to ensure a tenants previous landlords had positive experiences while renting to them.

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