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Tenants Screening Resources

As a leader in Tenant Screening Services, TenantReports.com also offers landlords and real estate owners and professionals a wide range of valuable resources to help them navigate the tenant screening space and conflict resolution.

Resources for Real Estate Owners and Professionals

Tenant Debt Collection

Learn more about collecting missed payments.

Tenant Screening Forms

View and download tenant screening forms for free.

Landlord Tenant Law

Know your rights and the rights of your tenants


Browse frequently asked questions about tenant reports and tenant screening services.

On-Site Inspection

Prepare and understand on-site inspections for your property.

Additional Support with Tenant Screening

Online Acces Application

Apply for your TenantReports.com account today.

Credit Hisory Report Explanation

Gain a better understanding of a credit history report.

Credit Score Explanation

Gain a better understanding of credit scoring and how it works.

Third Party Support

Rent Collection Service

We recommend Source Mediation Services for all of your rent collection need.

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