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New Jersey Tenant Screening

The United States has over 1 million residents in rental housing, which is 35% of the total US population. In New Jersey, almost 13% of the state’s population is in apartment housing. TenantReports.com can help New Jersey landlords with tenant screening to make the application and rental process faster and easier than ever.


New Jersey tenant screening records contain data from as early as 1976 depending on courts searched and the type of offense registered. Information obtained through screening cannot be used to alter a current rental agreement, unless the tenant is shown to have breached said agreement.

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Important Tenant Screening Regulation In New Jersey

Court Records A court database records all felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic convictions since 1980. The report can also provide a list of known aliases.
Department of Corrections

The Department of Corrections records felony convictions from 1976 onward. Information such as date of birth and social security number may be included with the report.

Eviction History

Eviction information can be searched up to seven years prior to the request.

Driving History

Driving history can be searched as far back as five years in the state of New Jersey.

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