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Alaska Tenant Screening

The United States has over 1 million residents in rental housing, which is 35% of the total US population. In Alaska, over 8% of the state’s population is in apartment housing. TenantReports.com can help Alaska landlords with tenant screening to make the application and rental process faster and easier than ever.


Alaska law permits the screening of current and potential tenants by landlord(s) before and after signing of a lease. Eviction, court, and certain criminal records have been kept by the state since a time period ranging from 1980, to seven years prior; the latter relating to eviction notices. Background checks cannot be used to discriminate or evict a tenant, unless information found breaches any rental agreement signed by said tenant.

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Important Tenant Screening Regulation In Alaska

Court Records

The state of Alaska keeps records of convictions for all residents as of the year 1980. These include both felony and misdemeanor convictions.

Eviction Records

Landlords can search a tenant’s residence history for possible evictions. Records of evictions are logged by the state for a minimum of seven years.

Credit Checks

The Alaska Credit Decision Report is available to all landlords seeking information on tenants. It features information from the Experian Credit Bureau, and Lexis Nexis.


Landlords may not inquire into a tenant’s physical health as grounds for setting rent or providing lodging.

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