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Alabama Tenants Screening

The United States has over 1 million residents in rental housing, which is 35% of the total US population. In Alabama, almost 8% of the state’s population is in apartment housing. TenantReports.com can help Alabama landlords with tenant screening to make the application and rental process faster and easier than ever.


Alabama law stipulates that tenants can be screened in Alabama with the tenant’s permission, usually included in or given upon signing the rental application. The application or the signature release form has to be filed for five years. After filing, you are free to run background checks as concerns criminal, credit and past eviction matters.

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Important Tenant Screening Regulation In Alabama

Acquiring Detailed Credit Reports

In order to comply with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, the office of the landlord or property manager has to be inspected onsite for acquiring in-depth credit reports.

Criminal Background Checks

Alabama Tenant Law, just like that of Colorado, DC, Delaware, Maryland and South Dakota, requires criminal background checks to be performed at the county level.

Tenants Law Adoption

One of the last states to adopt a renters’ rights law, Alabama eventually did so in 2007. Before, there were no laws specifying the rights and responsibilities of landlords and renters in Alabama.

Regular Credit Reports

Despite the limitations to acquiring detailed credit reports in Alabama, an online check is possible, which allows to obtain the renter’s credit information, including her credit score.

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