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Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association (SBREIA)

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No Annual Fees, Sign Up Costs, or Obligation.

Social Security Number Verification

Provides a list of all known aliases, names assigned to social security number as well as when and where it was issued. The SSN provides a complete address history and available contact information as well.

Criminal Background and Sex Offender Checks

Search the state criminal database of your choosing as well a 50 State Sex Offender search to screen potential tenants.

Tenant Score Card with Credit Score

A Tenant Score Card is completely customized to your preferences and provides a simple PASS or FAIL rating in addition to the applicant's credit score and derogatory credit summary.

Eviction Reports

Searches municipality eviction records for the state to show any past eviction history and judgement amounts.

SBREIA Service Application

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Standard Access (most popular/does not require onsite inspection) - view sample
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Standard Access (most popular/does not require onsite inspection)Detailed credit report access (requires one time $50 onsite inspection fee)Background check only (no credit report access)


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