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TenantReports.com Affiliate Program

TenantReports.com helps landlords, realtors, investors, property managers, and real estate associations with their tenant screening needs. As an association, you can provide instant tenant screening services to your members through our Affiliate Program and earn additional discounts or revenue on each order placed. The signup process is simple and we handle all of the account set up, processing, support and billing. There are no annual fees or volume requirements on any of our services. Enrolling in our affiliate program is free and easy!


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How It Works

Step 1: Enroll your association

Call us at 855.244.2400 or fill out our Affiliate Enrollment Form and fax it to 855.244.2401

Step 2: Choose your Commission

Choose between retaining 10% of the revenue you generate or add a 10% discount to all tenant screening products ordered through your site.

Step 3: Receive Your Support Pack

Upon enrollment you will receive the following support to help you succeed

  • Custom affiliate sign up page and text link
  • A secure tenant screening log in link
  • A proprietary email blast
  • Banner ads

Step 4: Make Money!

With our proven process and low priced tenant screening products, you’re sure to make a great income and provide landlords and property managers with great products.

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