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Partner Program

Please fill out the application below to apply for Partner Program.
If you have questions, call us at 855.244.2400.
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New Nationwide Bundle price to be charged to applicants at the time of request

Partner Program Guidelines

How it works:

  1. TRC will increase the cost of designated bundled packages $5.00 per screening.
  2. Rebate checks for the difference of purchase price minus cost of report will be issued the first week of each month.
  3. TRC Account holder ONLY will be able to register for this program.
  4. Individual Sub-users on registered accounts will not be able to qualify for this program.
  5. Offer is valid only on bundled services. Al-a-Carte services will be removed from ordering ability.
  6. Account holder will be fully responsible for any charge backs that occur plus $15.00 chargeback fee.
  7. To receive the rebate check, the TRC account must be in good standing.
  8. Accounts receiving rebate checks in excess of over $600.00 per calendar year will be issued 1099 tax forms.

By signing below you are accepting the above terms.

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