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Supporting Documentation – Prior to account activation, we will require 3 of the following. If you do not have them right now, go ahead and complete the account registration so that your account will be ready for when the forms are received.

You can also fax these documents to 855-244-2401.

Verification of the contact telephone line. Attach one of the following:
– Copy of contact telephone bill
– Copy of yellow page ad or white page listing

If you are an apartment complex, realtor/broker or a property management company, attach BOTH of the following:
– Copy of three (3) completed (signed) rental applications
(either existing or new)
– Document filing in Landlord/Tenant Court
– Verification of membership in Apartment Association
– Copy of professional license or business license
* Copy of driver’s license or photo identification card. (Required)
For individual landlords, as proof of property ownership, you must attach ONE of the following:
– Copy of title
– Copy of property tax documents
– Copy of insurance documents

Name of complex(s) or address(s) if property is a house or a unit +

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